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Welcome to the OSHAcademy 30-Hour Construction Safety and Health course offered by EIOSH Private Limited, an approved center of OSHAcademy authorized to deliver this essential program. As a distinguished provider of health and safety training, EIOSH brings forth a global presence and a commitment to excellence.

This comprehensive 30-hour course, sanctioned by OSHAcademy, is designed to equip participants with the fundamental knowledge and skills crucial for ensuring safety in the construction industry. Covering a wide spectrum of topics including hazard recognition, risk assessment, and the implementation of effective safety measures, this course is essential for individuals seeking to enhance their understanding of construction safety and health.

EIOSH, as an approved center of OSHAcademy, adheres to the highest standards of training delivery. Our accredited status ensures that participants receive world-class education in compliance with OSHA regulations. The course is available through various mediums, including online platforms and on-campus sessions, providing flexibility for diverse learning preferences.

Join us at EIOSH Private Limited, where our dedicated team of qualified trainers and consultants is committed to delivering excellence in health and safety education. As an authorized center of OSHAcademy, we take pride in contributing to a safer and healthier work environment. Contact us today to embark on this educational journey and achieve your health and safety goals in the construction sector.