If you are seeking a more comprehensive training experience, then our professional programs are for you! Each OSHAcademy program has been developed to help meet your specific training goals and is uniquely bundled with relevant courses. Applicable to various safety roles and industries, our programs provide benefits unmatched by our competitors.

Our training programs will help any company or individual comply with OSHA training guidelines conform to ISO 45001, ANSI/ASSE Z490.1, ANSI/AIHA Z10, and CSA Z1000 standards. They will also help your company achieve OSHA compliance and SHARP/VPP certification. By giving you the safety information you need in an easy-to-use and convenient format, we will empower you to make your work a safer place and protect your most important asset-you, your co-workers, and your employees.

All Programs

General Industry

132-hour OSH Professional
48-hour OSH Manager
44-hour OSH Specialist
36-hour OSH Trainer (Train-the-Trainer)
36-hour OSH Supervisor
36-hour Safety Committee Chair
32-hour Safety Committee Member
30-hour General Industry Safety and Health
10-hour General Industry Safety and Health
10-hour Employee Occupational Safety and Health


192-hour Construction Safety & Health Professional
162-hour Construction Safety & Health Manager
145-hour Construction Site Safety Supervisor
130-hour Construction Safety & Health Specialist
47-hour Construction Safety & Health Trainer
30-hour Construction Safety and Health
10-hour Construction Safety and Health

Oil and Gas

233-hour Oil & Gas Safety & Health Professional
192-hour Oil & Gas Safety & Health Manager
164-hour Oil & Gas Safety & Health Supervisor
155-hour Oil & Gas Safety & Health Specialist
70-hour Oil & Gas Safety & Health Train-the-Trainer

Public Sector

40-hour EM-385-1-1 Safety and Health


40-hour HAZWOPER


11-hour Tattoo and Body Art Employee Safety