Fire Safety Level II

Level II Award in Fire Safety

his module is designed to give you an overview of good fire safety practices at work; identifying potential fire risks to your service users, colleagues and yourself, explaining what to do on hearing a fire alarm and describing types of fire-fighting equipment and how to use them.

Each health and social care workplace may have slightly different policies, so it is recommended to familiarise yourself with these policies and procedures.


This course consists of six modules:

    1. Introduction and Overview
    2. What is Fire?
    3. Preventing Fire
    4. In the event of a fire
    5. Fire fighting equipment
    6. Resources

Module 1: Introduction and Overview

    • The effects of fire in the workplace
    • Responsibilities

Module 2: What is Fire?

    • The fire triangle
    • Stages of Fire
    • Types of fire
    • The spread of fire
    • Fire risks

Module 3: Preventing Fire

    • Risk Assessment
    • Problems with fire safety
    • Spotting problems with fire safety
    • Safe housekeeping
    • Fire safety signs

Module 4: In The Event of a Fire

    • Fire drill scenario
    • What should happen?

Module 5: Fire Fighting Equipment

    • Fire extinguishers
    • Using fire extinguishers
    • Food

Module 6: Resources

    • Further information

Who is this course for?

NHS and independent healthcare providers, Company staff and agency workers, and educational organizations including:

    • Individuals who want to gain awareness and increase knowledge
    • Care Assistants (HCA)
    • Support Workers
    • Adult Social Care Workers
    • Residential Home Staff
    • Nursing Home Staff
    • Carers
    • Nurses including Practice, Adult, Registered & Clinical
    • Domiciliary Care Workers
    • Home Care Workers
    • Clinical Support Workers
    • Community Healthcare Workers
    • Bank and Temporary Nurses
    • Bank and Temporary Carers