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Globalization has created uniformity in customer expectations world over. With the opening up of Pakistan’s economy, our manufacturing sector has to compete globally even for the domestic market. This requires strong products with leading technology / quality and compelling cost advantage. Suitably trained manpower is critical to achieve this goal. Large pool of highly trained manpower has provided Pakistan leadership position in knowledge-based industries. 

Efforts are now required to translate this leadership in building indigenous manufacturing capabilities. Whereas, China is already a leader in low-tech bulk manufacturing, India could emerge as leader in brain-intensive manufacturing. This would require skill sets appropriate for design, development and prototyping that too - using modern tools and techniques.

The present system of technical education – though huge and diverse has focus on analytical capabilities. There is need for skill sets appropriate for design, development and prototyping, that too - using modern tools and techniques. Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) approach to entire cycle from R & D, manufacturing, quality assurance, distribution, maintenance and disposal of new products is gaining currency. In other words, there is a need for a design and manufacturing programme that is holistic in nature. It should include all aspects such as Safety Management. Mechanical, Electrical / Electronics, Civil as well as Accounting. In due course of time, disciplines such as Information Technology and Management Sciences could also be integrated with such an approach.

Keeping the above in view, the Mr. Ansar Mehmood felt the need to set up a national institute devoted exclusively for Information Technology (IT), Design & Manufacturing, Management & Business Sciences, Technical & Vocational and Linguistic acknowledged by KPK Board of Technical Education (BTE), KPK Testing Trade Board (TTB), Skill Development Council (SDC), ICBOQ, IOSH, NASP, HABC and OSHAcademy. It was envisaged that such an academic institute would promote excellence in the desired areas of specialization and would facilitate and promote the competitive advantage of Pakistan manpower products in global markets.