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EIOSH Private Limited is a world-leading provider of health, safety, environmental, and quality management training. We offer accredited Courses by international certification awarding bodies Like IOSH, ICBOQ, HABC, OTHM, OSHAwards, and a huge �collection of customized short courses designed to meet the specific training needs of our industry and clients.

EIOSH Private Limited was established in 2010 with health and safety Training and Consultancy as its primary objective. The core competencies of EIOSH Private Limited are not limited as �We have been in the ever-growing field of safety auditing, health safety, risk assessment, and Human Resources to provide state-of-the-art training as our client requires.

At EIOSH Private Limited safety is our passion to make the workplace safer. We provide the essential safety training and solutions for the industries When EIOSH Private Limited is chosen by an individual or by an organization, they will experience our enduring commitment to keep their safety knowledge improved with our relentless devotion to customer satisfaction.

Vision and Mission

EIOSH Private Limited has one clear vision - to improve workplace standards for organizations across the Globe. Our mission and values lie in raising awareness regarding professional compliance, competency and preparation in matters of health and safety. This means that we seek to help everyone who we work with to take steps to a safer and more productive working environment.
The end goal: Boost business performance, ensure safer working environments and a high standard of professionalism in businesses nationwide.

CEO's Message

I believe that one of the core principles to create a better, vibrant, democratic and a more prosperous Pakistan is Management & Business Sciences with Technical & Vocational and Linguistic educated Pakistan with competitive skill sets which will also ensure economic survival and progress in an increasingly globally intertwined landscape. Not waiting for the government or some messiah to fix this, I decided to take this initiative as a private, not- for-profit venture with the help of friends and family during my prime years so I can see the mission through its completion. This initiative is EIOSH PRIVATE LIMITED the dedicated institute for training and consultancy.
EIOSH PRIVATE LIMITED core vision is to create a critical mass of well-rounded citizens with a “can- do” attitude who thrive in multidimensional, local and global societies. How will that help? It has become the need of the hour to have graduates who are locally relevant and internationally competitive.

Our Aim

As a leading health and safety training course provider, we strive to improve workplace standards, awareness, quality and compliance. We provide on-site tuition to ensure a user-friendly service that will equip you with the information to effectively train staff on industry best practices. Each course is accredited and approved by a professional, guaranteeing quality training material in accordance with industry standards. We also aim to maintain complete transparency, and you can find out about your rights as a trainee and how we manage and store your data in our detailed Business and Privacy Policy. If you would like to find out more about our terms of service, feel free to contact us at any time via email or phone. Our customer service team are always on hand to address any issues or queries you may have.

Our History

Globalization has created uniformity in customer expectations world over. With the opening up of Pakistan’s economy, our manufacturing sector has to compete globally even for the domestic market. This requires strong products with leading technology / quality and compelling cost advantage. Suitably trained manpower is critical to achieve this goal. Large pool of highly trained manpower has provided Pakistan leadership position in knowledge-based industries. 
It was envisaged that such an academic institute would promote excellence in the desired areas of specialization and would facilitate and promote the competitive advantage of Pakistan manpower products in global markets
Keeping the above in view, the Mr. Ansar Mehmood felt the need to set up a dedicated Training and consultancy? institute devoted exclusively for Health and Safety , Quality , Environment and Project Mangement Training and consultancy services approved/Accredited?by Skill Development Council (SDC), ICBOQ UK , IOSH UK, NASP USA, HABC UK and OSHAcademy USA.

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