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EIOSH Private Limited’s Director Message.

I believe that one of the core principles to create a better, vibrant, democratic and a more prosperous Pakistan is Information Technology (IT), Design & Manufacturing, Management & Business Sciences, Technical & Vocational and Linguistic educated Pakistan with competitive skill sets which will also ensure economic survival and progress in an increasingly globally intertwined landscape. Not waiting for the government or some messiah to fix this, I decided to take this initiative as a private, notfor-profit venture with the help of friends and family during my prime years so I can see the mission through its completion.

EIOSH  Private Limited’s core vision is to create a critical mass of well-rounded citizens with a “can do” attitude who thrive in multidimensional, local and global societies. How will that help? It has become the need of the hour to have graduates who are locally relevant and internationally competitive.

Such strong willed and powerful individuals will not only be able to improve the current societal setup but will also possess the necessary skills to become useful technician. And being an useful technician doesn’t really mean you have to be the next Steve Jobs. Start simple and start small. Being a seasoned entrepreneur myself, I am well-aware of the importance of taking ownership— giving your dream all that you have knowing full well that you can fail. I aim to provide each student with a seed— an idea that is compatible with that student’s skill-set which can eventually take the form of a well-rooted tree—a business that will benefit not only the student but also all of society and the economy as a whole.


exposure must go hand-in-hand with local relevance. The Student Facilitation Center (SFC) at EIOSH  Private Limitedprovides students with intense career guidance sessions to ensure all students utilize their own unique key strengths when deciding what career paths to pursue. The outcome of these sessions will also help the Student Facilitation Center (SFC) to decide which partners companies would best suit which candidate for work placement in the summer. Education at EIOSH Private Limited is not just about theoretical concepts that students will memorize and forget; it will include live sessions with professionals, full-time internships, exciting ideas and start-up ventures, and an experience that will take a life-time to forget!


Managing Director

EIOSH Private Limited.

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